Full Slate Makeover

Watch for a new and improved Full Slate next week! newfs

Based on the positive feedback we received after updating the mobile site, we’re refreshing the web-based scheduling application with a new look and feel.

You’ll find bigger controls that are easier to use, especially if you access Full Slate with an iPad or Android tablet. We think you’ll find the larger buttons and cleaner drop-down menus to be intuitive and easy to navigate.

If you happen to be a QuickBooks Online user, you’ll find the look and feel to be very familiar.

There are no changes to the mobile version of the software.

So keep an eye out for the new look, coming in just a few days.

Update on November 21, 2014:

Because the development team is all-hands-on-deck working on the Google Calendar sync issue, we put on hold the release of the new look for several weeks. It’s generally ready to go, but we want to ensure a super smooth transition, so we’re waiting until the entire team can focus on it.

As we have updates on timing, we’ll provide them here.

Update on December 4, 2014:

The Full Slate makeover was released today…check it out!

39 thoughts on “Full Slate Makeover

  1. Looking forward to the changes, looks great! There is one change I am really hoping for with the checkout feature or makeover, and that is the ability for clients to use discount coupon codes. I still need to have people make online purchases through my WordPress shopping cart if I want to add a coupon code. Have I missed this feature on FullSlate…or will it be part of the changes you have made?

    1. Thanks Lisa! Discounts/coupons is high on our development list but will not likely be released with the makeover or checkout feature. As a result, we don’t have an estimated release timeframe at this time. If that changes, we’ll definitely let you know.

  2. Hello fullslate:

    I’m so happy for the upcoming changes. This is grate! I was also wondering would it be possible to add a option for recurring service when booking. We have a cleaning company and it would be so much less of a process when a new or returning customer booking and would like recurring service with a discount. Currently this process is being done manual on the back end.

    Thank you for your time.

  3. Can we have a reminder field pop up when we schedule patients. Some of our patients require separate rooms. This would be real handy. We have some patients that chronically miss or cancel their appointments at the last minute. We have place a few of them on same day appointments. But it would be nice if a note came up saying they chronically miss and can only schedule on the same day.

  4. When are we getting keywords/tags for our clients. It is a great way to enhance marketing, and searching for and grouping clients.

    1. Hi Briana – We decided to hold back the release for a couple of weeks while we polish it up and ensure everything is working just as it should. We now expect to release the new look the week after next. We think you’ll like the update; sorry for the delay!

  5. Since I just happened here by chance and am thinking of it, the biggest request/need is a ‘Client Waiting List’. I don’t know if anyone else has mentioned it, but we lose a lot of business by not having one. I hope it is already in the pipeline?!

    1. Hi Maha Massage – The development team has been focused on the new look and, moreover, the new Checkout feature, so we don’t have an estimated timeframe for session notes. Sorry we don’t have something definitive for you.

  6. Being able to categorize clients by how frequently that want to come in and also having a payment category under checkout that has number/package prepaid, and gift certificate/coupon would be helpful.
    Thanks, Mark Fitch

    1. Yea, the monthly/quarterly and the wait list needs can at least partially be filled with tags/keywords. Though yea, a 60 day email vs a 30 day email might be nice.

      Either way, a way to sort based on last contact would be nice. i.e. for the wait list, it helps you go through the list of clients. I always find myself starting with A. That is one big feature of tags, (you can break them down into smaller groups, in which case sorting is still good.

      1. but if you note, you can set multiple ticklers. i.e. the 30 day, a 60 or 90, a 6 month and an annual one. If they don’t schedule after a month you can have them get another reminder or two. — it is consistent across all accounts based on last service.


        1. Hi Patrick – Yes, you can set up multiple “Connect with past clients” email triggers, which will automatically send a customized email to a client that has not been in for one month, two months, three months, all the way up to a year, and even two and three years. If you set up more than one of these (say, one at one month, one at three months and one at six months), a past client will receive each one until an appointment is booked.

    1. Hi Ben – We delayed the release by a couple of weeks to ensure we had all the finishing touches. We’re looking forward to unveiling the new look today or tomorrow.

  7. I’ve been using FullSlate for my nail and facial service appointments for almost 2 years. My customers love the ease and convenience and I can focus on my services and not booking issues! AWESOME!! 95% or more of my clients book their own appointments. And with the text message reminders, less than 1% of my book reflects no-shows or same day cancellations.

    Recently, I decided to resurrect my pet sitting business. This business can be 1, 2 or 3+ visits PER DAY. Can or will FullSlate consider an option to book more than one visit/appointment per day? Possibly as part of the “repeat” option?

    I would love to offer the online scheduling for my pet clients, too.

    1. Thanks for the kind feedback Brenda! I’ll ask someone from the support team to reach out to you by tomorrow regarding how you’re wanting to use Full Slate for your pet clients.

    1. Hi Bill – You’re right; we should have updated everyone on the timing of this release. Sorry about that. Because the development team is all-hands-on-deck working on the Google Calendar sync issue, we decided to put on hold the release of the “Full Slate makeover”, perhaps for several weeks. It’s generally ready to go, but we want to ensure a super smooth transition, so we’re waiting until the entire team can focus on it.

  8. Not sure about the new fullslate makeover. It does not look good on an ipad. I think they need to go back to the drawing board because things do not fit where they should.

      1. Hello Full Slate:

        I’m having a few problems with this new roll out:

        1. The iPad lay out do not look good.

        2. The Mobile version my services is on the Borders of the iPhone.

        I don’t want to sound anal, but what was the long wait for. I don’t see any changes, the only thing I see now is my stuff is all over the place.

        I would really hate to have to replace this appointment system.

  9. Hi there, I appreciate you guys working so hard and on on the system but I really enjoyed the previous version. I like the colors and the change of this new version but it’s ridiculously large and it takes up a lot of un-necessary room. I’m having a harder time booking an appointment because the over head has taken up half the screen. I’m on a desktop by the way.
    Is there anyway to tone down the spacing of the overhead and give the booking system more room (as in the calendar where I can book appointments). I hope this isn’t permanent and if possible, is there a button I can push to send me back to the previous version?
    Thank you.

  10. I agree with Ruth. The new interface with bigger controls and buttons are too huge, and gobble up too much of my screen space, making navigation and entering information and appointments very clumsy. Can you give an option to make them smaller? True both for my desktop, and much worse with my laptop, a MacBook Pro. I can minimize my screen contents, which helps a little, but makes the right column of appointments, and all other typed content too small to be readable. It’s the boxes and their spacing that is too big. I like your other changes–new colors are great.

  11. Hi, Team,
    Right now, from the Full Slate page, the links to this forum and blogs don’t work. I guess you are working on revisions? Thank you for a great product. I have recommended it to many colleagues.

  12. The new site is great for the most part. However I use it on I pads in the full web page view and with an up to date iOS. It seems to have a glitch where the description or notes field overlaps other writing making it impossible to read. This has become quite annoying as we rely on the customers notes so we know what we are getting into on every service call. Is this something that you are working on?

    1. Hi Dan – Thanks so much for the feedback, and sorry for the trouble. We’re working on an update regarding how the new interface works on iPads and other tablets, which we plan to release shortly, most likely within the next week. So please keep an eye out for that.

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