Collect Customer Reviews

You can now collect and share reviews of your business right in Full Slate! You can pick which reviews to feature on your scheduling page and even add them to your own website in a reviews widget.

Featured Customer ReviewsTestimonials from your clients can help persuade people who find you on the web to try your services. By including reviews on your website and scheduling page, you give prospective clients a chance to read what others have to say about your business – in their own words.

So how do you get satisfied clients to write glowing review? The perfect time to ask for feedback is right after an appointment. Full Slate can automatically send your client a follow-up afterward to encourage him/her to write a review.  You can use the standard “Request Review” template, customize it, or add a {review link} placeholder to any template. (For more on setting up automated messages and templates, see Help).

If you want more control over what’s posted, you can limit review writing to just the clients you invite and approve each new review before it’s published.

If there are reviews about your business posted on other sites that you want to include on your scheduling page, you can import them into Full Slate under Client > Reviews. Re-importing from time to time will bring in new and updated reviews without creating duplicates.

Please note that although reviews on Full Slate are optimized for search engines, we don’t have control over whether/when aggregators like Google Places include them. If it’s important to your business that reviews appear on directory sites like Yelp and Citysearch, it’s best to have your clients submit reviews there instead and then import them into Full Slate.

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7 comments on “Collect Customer Reviews
  1. Rebecca says:

    I am so happy to be able to collect client reviews.

  2. Chris Marx says:

    So copy and paste client reviews from YELP & GOOGLE PLACES into FULL SLATE?
    I like the widget idea… We need testimonials for our website!
    I’d love to put testimonials for specific staff in their profile pages on our site.

    Thanks for the great feature!

    • Chris says:

      No need to copy and paste from Yelp – you can use the import tool! The importer looks for pseuodo-standard tags used by most directory sites to make it easy for Google to index their reviews. Ironically, Google Places doesn’t seem to use these tags, but you can still copy/paste from there.

  3. SpaNancy says:

    You guys ROCK!!!

  4. Awesome new tool. Was easy to implement into existing website. Thank you

  5. Matt says:

    Wow. Spectacular! Love the Yelp import tool!

  6. Matt says:

    Love the yelp import tool. Pretty spectacular idea!

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